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About Agritécnica

In 2011, Agritécnica celebrates a decade of work in agribusiness. Throughout the years we have focused on the development of special replacement rubber parts for corn husking and threshing equipment.

We supply small co-operatives and as well as the big canned food industry and seed industry all over Brazil. Our projects take into consideration all the peculiarities and local climate and cultural variations of the places where our husker rolls are ... Read more...

Innovation and Quality
for the Canned Food Industry

All the parts manufactured by Agritécnica are thoroughly inspected, guaranteeing the customer total quality. Further-more, we constantly study and develop new rubber... Read more...

Several Models
of Corn Husker Rolls

Agritécnica offers an extensive line of husker rolls. We manufacture replacement rolls for practically all the brands and models of corn husking machines in the national and international market. Check out our product catalog by clicking here.

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